Shit that would disappoint my father


Just a quick update here, as I’m up to my hole (guess which one) in paying (sorta) work. I want to take this opportunity to introduce the first of what will hopefully be a long-running series: Shit that would disappoint my father.

These posts will range anywhere from little tidbits taken from everyday life to longstanding and general themes regarding who I am and what I’m like – all tying into why my father should be (and likely is) disappointed in me.

For now, I’ll kick things off with just a tidbit …

In my e-mail inbox today:

Subject line: “My soccer story”
From: Bill Clinton

Anyone who’s ever met my father knows that the only thing he hates more than soccer is former President Bill Clinton (who he kind of looks like). Sometimes the Universe finds really cool and interesting little ways to make me more disappointing. And sometimes it just takes a couple old things and mashes them together. Either way, compelling stuff.

Until next time, boners.


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3 Responses to Shit that would disappoint my father

  1. RMSDanny says:

    I think a guest post from your father would be an excellent idea. Cut out the unnecessary middle man (you) and get the info straight from the horse’s mouth, am I right?

    • alex says:

      The short answer to your question is: He wouldn’t do it. But I’ll admit, just me asking him to write for my blog would definitely give me more material for the Shit that would disappoint my father column.

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