The power of sunlight

Good morning, blags.

Just a quick observation for today about the power of sunlight.

I’m not talking about solar power, flares, photosynthesis, vitamin D, etc. Well, it might be the last one, but I try not to let vitamins affect my moods. What I’m talking about is the psychological effect it has on the human mind.

Why does this come to mind? Well, for one, the sun is certainly shining on this bright, Brighton morning. But that’s no rarity for this time of year. Rather, my mind was treated to a real quandary in my first waking moments today.

It looks so happy!

Every morning, I set two alarms: One is for when Yesterday Me wanted Today Me to wake up. The other is for when he knew I’d more realistically wake up. I also leave myself enough time with this second alarm to hit snooze a bunch of times, so I can enjoy the sensation of falling back asleep about 5-6 times every morning, which is the best part. If I just set my alarm for when I actually needed to be up, I’d just sleep right through the opportunity to fall asleep several times every morning.

Still reading? That was the worst part, I promise. This morning, one of my snooze-phases was interrupted by what gradually became clear to me as the sounds of domestic violence from across the alley into the adjacent apartment house. “Do it! Hit me again!” shouted the defiant young woman (or something to that effect). I could only assume that this was the young, white-trashy couple that is often sitting silently on their front porch, chain smoking and staring murder at me every time I take out the trash or do something with my car or walk to the park to kick a ball around.

“Wow!” I thought, as I approached my open window. “It is really nice out today!”

And that is the power of sunlight. TGIF!


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