Ruffalo ruffalo Ruffalo ruffalo ruffalo ruffalo Ruffalo ruffalo

It’s important to set goals for yourself, blags. I set little goals for myself every day. For example, don’t have another cocktail tonight. Et cetera.

They don’t always work out, but that’s sometimes down to a lack of positive reinforcement (or even negative reinforcement). Life doesn’t always immediately reward or punish us for our behaviors, at least not before you’re 30, so you’ve got to look for the little clues that tell you if you’re doing life the right way or the wrong way.

Last week was one of the rare occasions where I was immediately rewarded for my behavior, BLAG-wise. Shortly after banging out something like three posts in four days, site stats indicated I had almost doubled my record number of reader hits in one day.

For the sake of experiment, I then ignored BLAG for a week, posting no new updates. To my great surprise, hits dropped rapidly. While there are clearly some unknowable variables at play here, one thing seems to be clear: The more I post, the more suckers readers I will attract. And readers, readers, are very fickle. Like women.

So, in an effort to maintain and grow the true blue “what have you done for me, lately?” relationship with my readers that I’ve fostered and un-fostered over these past couple of years, I will make a greater effort to post more often.

Now, since the only thing I really follow on a daily basis is soccer, which everybody hates, this is going to be tricky business. Either I’ll have to expand my horizons, or you’ll have to expand yours (and I’m not counting on the latter). I’m a smart guy, though. I’ll figure it out.

In other news:

Mark Ruffalo apparently has a blog on Huffington Post. You might know Ruffalo as one of the memory machine operators from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or as the Incredible Hulk, or from 13 Going on 30 (ordered least to greatest, by critical reception).

Don’t make Ruffalo smile. You wouldn’t like him when he smiles …

I don’t point this out because I think it’s great reading. In fact, I didn’t read any of it. I brought it up because he’s worse at blogging than I am. Look at that! Only three posts in the last year! And the most recent had a coauthor! I mean, I’m sure he was really busy shadowing doctors of psychology in order to get inside the mind of a man who is either calm or very angry for his most recent role as The Hulk. But get your shit together, Ruff. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling and you work at a sandwich shop between gigs in order to stay busy, you should be hitting at least 4-5 posts per year, without the help of a ghostwriter. Anyway, I thought you were good in Shutter Island.

There’s a new Bouncing Souls album out today, if you’re into that kind of thing. Check out some of these angsty, punk lyrics:

“Put on your fun shoes/Fun just made the front-page news.”

Yeah! Bollocks! I may not know too much about the music business, but I’d say the Souls are capitalizing here on the success of Queen and MGMT’s love-child band, Fun. Nothing wrong with keeping it fresh when you’ve been around since ’87.

That’s that. Time to get down to paying work.


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2 Responses to Ruffalo ruffalo Ruffalo ruffalo ruffalo ruffalo Ruffalo ruffalo

  1. creeped says:

    How exactly does one “co-author” a blog post, Ruff?

    • Alex says:

      I’m picturing him and Mark Z. Jacobson, index fingers outstretched, alternating keystrokes in a very slow and deliberate fashion.

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