Big deal shit happened yesterday, blags.

If you missed it because you don’t care about anything, that’s really no excuse, because I also don’t care about anything and I’m still in the loop. Plug in and turn off.

Unless of course you’re not American, which some of you are not, or live in Massachusetts, which I do. In which case, this wasn’t all that big of a deal shit. But, regardless, I would be remiss if I did not say anything about it.

In fact, it would be downright irresponsible, and even destructive, for me to not talk about this big deal thing that happened yesterday. It is such a big crazy shit intense deal thing, that you can bet your ass everyone on the big three news stations will either A) express a heroin-induced euphoria, raised to the blow jobth power, B) void their bowels as the world turns to ash around them, and their spidery limbs seize and curl in towards their abdomens as they experience the throes of death, or C) just do a lukewarm and shitty, CNN-style job of reporting. I’ll leave you to decide which news outlet will take which approach.

I really need to stop getting my news from Google image search.

Anyway, gear up for that and I think I’ve said more than enough regarding that thing, which happened, that is either really great or terrible, but probably both because it happened in real life, rather than in a nice dream or nightmare.

Other, bigger dealer shit: I altered my Twitter handle to @AlexJBLAG. I feel that this new handle better reflects A) my name, and B) the name of my blog. If you like reading BLAG, try following @AlexJBLAG. It’s written by the same guy and is a lot like BLAG, but much shorter and more frequent. Sometimes I tweet puppy pictures.

Unlike the above mentioned thing, puppy pictures have a 98% approval rating. The other 2% of people do things like throw sacks of unwanted puppies out their car windows on the freeway. To those 2%, I say this: just put the puppies in an open cardboard box in front of your house with a sign that says “FREE PUPPIES.” The other 98% will take them off your hands. Maybe to make little coats out of later on, but you won’t have to be aware of it at that point. Or at least stop the car before you toss them. Make a human effort.

OK, that’s it for today/several days after today.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate this blog

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