This blog is so stupid.

I had a lovely post written up last week, all about the NFL ref lockout and on football in general. The only problem is the lockout ended hours before I put my thoughts to fake Internet paper and the whole, long post is now a fucking lemon. C’est la vie, eh mes frères et soeurs? Blogging is a hard industry for even harder men. Also, lots of women. In fact, I think most bloggers are women. I’m pretty sure that my request to join the Boston Bloggers — a free and open membership that appears to require no official credentials — went completely ignored because the rest of them are women. It’s a man’s world, no longer! Sucks for those of us who literally just started being human males only 27 years ago. Never even got my chance to oppress.

And what else? What else to write about? I don’t think I’ve had any feelings in the last six months or so. Does stress count? Stress doesn’t count. Stress is just reflex — a reaction that a man has to being thirsty for a stiff drink, without having had said drink yet.

How about the weather? Are you enjoying the weather? It’s getting colder outside, isn’t it? Actually, according to my records, most of you who read this site on Sunday were sitting at hot little computers in the Philippines, so looks like weather’s out.

So … how’s it going? … Oh wow, she had surger–uh huh. Uh huh … yeah, oh, well that’s good. Was it serious? You’re right, surgery’s always serious. Did you know I had hernia repair sur–yeah. Yep. OK, well I hope your aunt gets better. What? No, I’m not being an asshole … no, look … listen, you’re oversharing and this is now a whole one-sided … Yes! “How’s it going” doesn’t really mean “how’s it going.” How do you not know that? Are you a new person? … “Fine.” Just say fine. Just say fine. Just say fine … OK, I gotta go! I gotta go. I’ve got to go. I really have to go now. Can we talk about it later? … We’ll talk about it later. OK. OK, I will. OK. OK, I love you too bye.



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