Best of BLAG 2012!


It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means! Time for a look back at all the great stuff that happened in 2012!

Before I get into it, I think it’s important to examine why media is obsessed with these year-in-review/best of features. Since BLAG could loosely be defined as being part of “the media,” this is not just an analysis, but rather deep, deep introspection.

The reason is twofold:

1. Narcissism

The most basic of all human needs is to be famous and important and for everyone to know who you are. Things like food, water and air are merely a means, there to provide the body enough energy reserves to attain fame.

Why is it important to be famous, aside from the wealth that is usually associated? Because being famous makes you a topic of conversation. If you’re famous, people interview you to hear you talk about you. Everybody loves talking about something they know well, and what does anyone know more weller than oneself?

Fame is difficult to attain, but “media” is more accessible than ever before. Doing a “Best of” your own stuff is a much easier way to talk about yourself. This all ties in to …

2. Ease of Execution

As it says in the Bible, “Easiness is next to Godliness.” Reporting on something you or your publication/broadcast already covered is far easier than doing brand new research. Easier still would be to just list your favorite pieces of work done by your own favorite person: you.

In fact, this all sounds a lot easier than continuing to write new stuff for this post.

With that said, I now present:

Best of BLAG 2012!

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2 Responses to Best of BLAG 2012!

  1. creeped says:

    I like your style. I can’t wait for your best of best ofs.

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