BLAG recommends: Henry’s Kitchen

Hey guys,

If you’ve been a regular reader (ha ha ha), then you might have noticed by now that I’m not always the most consistent at being funny/clever/easy to follow/having a good work ethic/producing content/properly citing image sources/being emotionally available.

Well, who is, right? But while I may not always be producing great Web content, I’m very often consuming it. Some of it is extremely compelling, because that’s what I demand from anything I pay attention to that isn’t also paying me. For example, I watched six hours of The Bachelor last week, in one sitting. Man, Tiara was such a bitch.

But I don’t just watch great TV. I also watch things on the Internet. Why not occasionally share it with my readers? My aim here will be to share things that aren’t so popular that you would have probably seen them already. They’ll also probably be comedy-oriented because there’s just so much sadness in the world, and so much of it is extremely ripe for comedy.

First on the list is something I stumbled across via one of my favorite podcasts, The Bone Zone. Recent guest and comedian Henry Phillips does a great little cooking show on YouTube, called Henry’s Kitchen, that I think fans of my personal Yelp-style reviews will really be able to sink their teeth into. Oh man, I just slipped you right into that eating metaphor. I’ll bet you didn’t even feel it. That’s how smooth these kinds of things are going to be. It’s not exactly a new feature category, but I’ll just pepper them in here and there, to flavor up other posts or like little bites for you to snack on between my flash-in-the-pan masterpieces. See that? I just metaphored you again. Like five times. See if you can find them all!

Without further ado, Henry’s Kitchen:

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