5 Great Moving Tips

When searching for a new apartment and planning a move, it’s important to stay positive and keep a few things in mind, especially when you’re looking to live with craigslist strangers. Ahem …

  1. Owner-occupied buildings can lead to future hassle. Love the experience of living with your parents, minus the love and free food? Well then go ahead, dummy. Rent a room in an owner-occupied building. Live in the unit right above the landlord and his family, too. I dare ya.
  2. Do the people you’ll be sharing a living space with have substance abuse problems? Do you? It’s important to make sure that everyone’s on the same page!
  3. Wait, there’s laundry in the unit? Check for hidden cameras. If something seems too good to be true, then you just may be on a prank show, or in this sicko’s secret “kill house.” Be alert when entering a stranger’s home, and always keep a weapon handy (and visible).
  4. Don’t get too stressed! You have plenty of time. And what’s the worst-case scenario, really? Homelessness? Moving back in with your parents? Who cares! It’s all a part of life’s grand adventure.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Eventually you, and everyone you know, will die. In death, there is no pain. I like to think of it as a “space womb” in which things like fear, anxiety and moving into a new apartment are no longer the masters of your now-ceased existence!
Sleep now, sweet prince, for you need never check craigslist again.

Sleep now, sweet prince, for you need never check craigslist again.

Well, I hope that helped! I know I sure feel better.


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