Who is BLAG? And, perhaps more importantly, why is BLAG?

As for the who: I’m one guy. I have a full, three-part name that I do not list here publicly because I also have a full, three-part job and a shitload of LinkedIn connections, and I would prefer if that world didn’t meet this one, because I curse and stuff in this world. If you want to know more about the who, feel free to contact me at TheMailBLAG@gmail.com.

That just leaves the why. I’m not a psychiatrist. Boredom? Is this simply a continuance of an only-child’s lifelong trend of being his own greatest source of entertainment? Why pay annual domain fees? Why do anything? Perhaps if I had answers to these questions, I could finally stop writing this wildly unpopular blog.

A note to potential people who can pay me (or allow me to submit material for publication for free): I’ve got range! I can do other types of writing, too! Refer to the above email address!



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