BLAG can be reached at, provided none of the correspondence involves hassling (acceptable reasons for contact include MailBLAG questions, topics you’d like to see written about, paying work, things you think I’d like, nice or otherwise validating compliments, hate mail and eroticism).

All graphics used on this site are 100 percent stolen.

-BLAG editorial staff


4 Responses to Contact

  1. Anonymous reader says:

    I think this latest blag post is excellent. Sarah should be brought on as a co-blagger.

  2. creeped says:

    I would like your views on how you would deal with working in office with Creepy Pants. What would be your strategy / approach to the ongoing situation?

    (See what I did there – I gave you a topic and I cross-promoted. Huzzah!)

    • Alex says:

      Jesus … you posted that comment from the future.

      Can you submit your question to as like a one-paragraph, pointed dilemma (so I can include the letter in the post/provide context to readers)? To kind of just approach the situation as a whole would require me to assume that people who read my blog have also read your story. Chances are — since I get like 60 hits per post, and you’re in Australia — there’s not much overlap. Well, up until the cross promotion. Stay tuned for an upcoming post to get a better idea of the format.

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